We specialize in saxophone, composition, ear training, harmony, recording, classical, pop, world, and Jazz music.

How does it work?

1) Sign-up (that big orange button over there === >>>

2) Short phone call or email exchange to learn more about what kind of music you love, and what you really want to learn to play.

3) Schedule your first lesson - we'll work hard to accomodate your schedule, after work, weekends, etc...

4) Take your lesson via Skype and LOVE IT

5) Schedule more lessons (payment plans available)

What makes us different?

400+ Free Video Lessons on YouTube to supplement your on-line lessons

Over 50 years combined teaching experience

Direct access to professional musicians in every other instrument (tanpura anyone?)

Real-world experience performing, teaching, composing, scoring, producing & recording

An "Ivy League" Education (Berklee School of Music, Cornish College of the Arts)


What do I need?

1) Your instrument of choice

2) Computer (laptop, desktop, PC or Mac)

3) Webcam or equivalent with microphone

4) Good Internet Connection (no dial-up)

5) A true desire to learn